Premium Care Services & Vacation Packages

Services and packages are designed to give your pet the special attention they are used to. Here at Whispering Winds Kennel, Inc. we specialize in this custom element that we offer.

Our additional services can be added 2 different ways; either on a daily basis in our Premium Care Services Menu (from this category we are happy to provide up to 2 services a day for each of our guests) or from our Vacation Packages; here you pick the package that your pet will receive each day for his/her length of stay.

All services pending on weather. You are not charged for services that are not provided.

Premium Care Service Menu

Walk in the Country
Our ten rolling acres will an be an adventure in sights, sounds and smells as your dog investigates the shore of our pond, the wildflowers along the wooded edges of the property and barks a hello to the neighboring equestrian ranch. We want to be sensitive to your pets habits so please let us know if he or she prefers a walk in the morning or the evening.
$6.00 each - 15 minute session

Personal Playtime
Our staff gives your pet individualized, invigorating play that might include a stretch in the country air, a jump in our wading pool, or a game of ball-toss in our secure, 1,000 sq. ft. area. Or bring that special frisbee and tell us what he or she likes best. We will tailor our Playtime Program to your request.
$6.00 each - 15 minute session

Yippee Yard Time
Your pet will enjoy a secure 1,000 sq. ft. area where they can romp or rest at their leisure. Yard Time is also a great service for families
with multiple dogs.
$4.00 each - 20 minute session

Petting/Lap Time
Some pets like to be left alone, but others are more social. If your pet loves attention on a regular basis, sign up for Petting Time. One
of our staff will sit with him and provide a little indoor TLC or playtime.
$6.00 each - 15 minute session

Daily Brushing
$5.00 each - 10 minute session

Bye-Bye Bath
Just let us know what time youre coming and well make sure your pet goes home fresh and clean with our specialized, natural pet shampoo, conditioner and cologne.
$15.00+ (Price determined by breed and size.)

Please discuss your pet's medication needs at time of reservations.

Vacation Packages

Puppy Package
2 Play times with staff a day ending with a doggie treat!
$10.00 a day in addition to Daily Boarding Rate

Teen Package
1 extra invigorating Play Time with staff per day
1 Yippee Yard Time
Doggie snack after each time
$9.00 a day in addition to Daily Boarding Rate

Sportsman Package
1 brisk Walk in the Country
1 rigorous Play Time in the yard
Health snack after each
$11.00 a day in addition to Daily Boarding Rate

Family Package (minimum 2 dogs from same family)
2 Yippee Yard Times together each day
Ending with a doggie treat
$14.00 a day for 2 dogs


We offer special online coupons for new and returning clients. We are so excited to have you stay with us we'd like to make it even better!
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