Our Kennel is Unique and a Paw above the Rest!

We are unique because our special services and packages are designed to give your pet the attention they are used to.

Delight your dog with the sniffs and smells of our beautiful country setting in our indoor/outdoor design

At Whispering Winds Kennel Inc., we specialize in custom and individualized care. All services are provided by our trained and experienced staff within a secured environment.

Our pet resort is set apart from all the pet resorts around as we provide hand exercise by our staff and will customize your pets dietary preferences. 

Here at our playful pet resort your dog can be who he is, enthusiastic and energetic, shy and timid, relaxed and snuggly. We let you bring all his favorite belongings from home and we keep everything clean and tidy for their stay. 

Our pet boarders wag their tails when they arrive and are still wagging when you pick them up!

Premium Care Services & Vacation Packages

View Our:

  • Premium Services can be added on a daily basis up to 2 services a day for each of our guests.
  • Or from our Vacation Packages; here you pick the package that your pet will receive each day for his/her length of stay.